Great Companies have Great Employees.
Recruitment & Termination
Labor is a big investment for your business — and when that investment isn’t performing, your business takes a hit. Retain the great employees and get rid of the bad with ScorecardHR, your partner in connecting with the right employees and improving your bottom line.
Training & Development
Do you know what drives your employees? Is your training successful in growing your employees in talent and productivity? These question are key to your business success — let ScorecardHR help you find them.
Retention & Growth
Are you monitoring your staff on intuition alone? You may not be retaining the best employees — and you might be keeping the people who should be let go. Partner with ScorecardHR for hassle-free updates on employee performance and know that you’re keeping the best (and letting go of the rest).

Invisible employee cost is an epidemic in the business world. Many consider employee-driven losses simply the cost of doing business, but that isn’t the case — you can save money and retain a more productive work force with a partner like ScorecardHR. Need more proof? Google “cost of a bad employee” or “cost of turnover” and check out the mass of information and ideas surrounding this problem, or check out articles from Forbes, INC , CNN, Entrepreneur, Intuit and Mashable outlining the situation. Don’t let employee-driven financial loss cripple your business — reach out to ScorecardHR, the first full solution of its kind for tracking staff management, evaluation and training.