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Company Goal Trackinglinedpapercheck32

Reaching your company goals is essential to your success, but without proper tracking and motivation, employees tend to focus on day-to-day projects instead of long-term goals. This leaves the business owner wanting more while the employees are unfulfilled. ScorecardHR helps you develop a strategy, execute it and keep everyone involved and motivated along the way. We’ll also prove that it’s all working together to improve your bottom line.

contactcard32Interview Mapping

When you don’t have a method to interviewing, you’re relying solely on your intuition to guide the hiring process. Sometimes you get lucky, but think about how many times your intuition has been wrong. That’s a costly mistake. ScorecardHR not only helps map skills and drive the interview process, but it also helps you know when to start interviewing and when to make the decision to bring in a new team member.

bargraph32Employee Scaling

Your labor base is a little like the stock market: some employees are worthy of investment, and some of them need to be exchanged. How do you measure the skill set of each employee? How do you determine who has what role in your company? If we make these decisions without proper tools, we rely on personal judgments that are prone to inaccuracy. Instead, let ScorecardHR use data to recommend which employees are worthy of investment.

star32Employee Impact

Knowing the impact each employee has on your business is essential to growth. However, an employee’s real worth includes several factors, including, of course, how that individual might contribute to sales, but also how they affect morale and how goal-driven they are. As a business owner, it’s almost impossible to see the full picture, but ScorecardHR is specifically designed to provide insights into employee value that would likely be missed otherwise.

users32Employee Reviews

Employees need feedback. Some need correction, but even great employees need development to continue moving in the right direction. ScorecardHR fills this need and integrates it naturally from your day-to-day tracking. The employment life cycle is in constant motion, and reviews help you keep the great employees, improve the good ones and terminate the employees who don’t add value to your company.

risegraph32Training Development

“It’s not you; it’s me.” We’ve heard this phrase as a joke over and over about relationships, but the truth is, it applies in business as well. Failure is not always the employee’s fault. If we don’t give them the tools to succeed, we can’t expect success. Analysis of performance must be paired with an analysis of training, and ScorecardHR helps you do both. Don’t let that potentially great employee slip away because of a lack of good training.Use our software to help your company motivate your employees to their very best level of success.